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- Ruchi Bhambri, Creator of KYB Protocol

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Download Ruchi's latest book revealing the secret

steps to achieve Zero Electricity Bill.

This is the only book you need to learn how to reduce your electricity bills using THE BEST DESIGNED SOLAR POWER PLANT.

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- Cut costs and make profits

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- 3 hacks to get maximum efficiency

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The Grave Challenge.

Do you know the biggest crime we commit?


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The Grave Global problems that face civilisations now threaten to worsen in future:

- Climate Change

- Global Warming

- Air Pollution

- Depleting energy resources

- Increasing human diseases

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We lived our lives as if we are invincible ,we have unlimited resources and “Sab theek hai", not until the time we were attacked by the  Novel Coronavirus, that shook the whole made us confront our vulnerability. It appeared to be like the wrath of the  environment due to its abuse. Not sure of its epidemiology, but it gave a strong nudge to the world to wake up .


The resources in the environment are limited but are demand for our usage of these is unlimited . The pollution caused by the the contamination of the air by burning of these fossil fuels, and discharges by manufacturing plants and emission of gasses from vehicles will KILL us.

Ruchi Bhambri ,who was one of the pioneers in the solar industry has made it her Purpose to change this Scenario.

She believes  “ It is our Dharma to create a better world for all of us “

3 ways to cut cost and make maximum profit post Corona:

About Ruchi.

Ruchi Bhambri is an undisputed authority and first name that comes to mind when one thinks about Solar. Having spent more than 17 years in this industry ,and having worked with variety of clients ranging from Individual homes to Institutes, Commercial to Government, private to PSU’s, she understands the common mistakes which people make while installing solar and has there fore developed a KYB protocol a precursor to installing any solar project. She says we need to first get our Basics right .

She understands whats in the best interest for her clients and believes in complete Authenticity. She has busted many myths around Solar and has designed   innovative, practical and effective solar solutions.

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How Ruchi can help you.

With her years of experience and technical expertise ,Ruchi can help you understand your need ,avoid common mistakes, design an optimum solution ,execute it efficiently and help you monitor your Savings effortlessly .

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Are you looking for an

Affordable Solar Power Plant?

Is the high capital cost discouraging you to install Solar Power Plant for your home, factory or workplace?

Ruchi Guarantees to "put your idle rooftop" to work for you at the lowest price

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Session to understand more?

To know the viability of solar plant for your home, factory or school or to take any advice on solar

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A few words by our clients:

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Ruchi feels unless You love yourself, you can not love or be sensitive to  your Environment. 

Her Mission in life is to make people love themselves . To be in..


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Discover & completely get rid of your self-sabotaging conversations. 

Small Powerful tools to always be in Self-Ishq 

Find what gives you the real kick in life, your purpose, your Dharma!! 

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Ruchi loves to learn and sharpen her skills. She is an active member of the following organisations.

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